Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Stop Them Before They're Imagined Again!

George W. Bush's successful destruction of a character loosely based on Saddam Hussein, who appeared in a work of fiction written by Ahmed Chalabi, has emboldened at least one Republican lawmaker to take a similarly uncompromising stand against figments of other people's imagination:

An Alabama lawmaker who sought to ban gay marriages now wants to ban novels with gay characters from public libraries, including university libraries. A bill by Rep. Gerald Allen, R-Cottondale, would prohibit the use of public funds for "the purchase of textbooks or library materials that recognize or promote homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle." Allen said he filed the bill to protect children from the "homosexual agenda."


Allen said that if his bill passes, novels with gay protagonists...would have to be removed from library shelves and destroyed.

Now, before you go calling this guy a "book-burning Nazi," note this:
"I guess we dig a big hole and dump them in and bury them," he said.

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