Thursday, December 23, 2004

Is Our Children Learning?

Arms Control Wonk catches a mindbogglingly stupid rhetorical question from the conservative rent-a-hack Ariel Beery, in re Iraq's alleged nuclear weapons program:

"Can anyone explain how Uranium can be used for peaceful purposes?"
I like to imagine Beery's mood of high seriousness as he wrote this. I like to imagine him nodding smugly as he proofread it, quite certain not only that it was free of errors, but that it confirmed his reputation as a person willing to ask the really hard questions, and in so doing, astonish a world of settled belief and moral laxity.

What a fucking buffoon.

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Anonymous said...

Guess this nitwit also hasn't heard about radioisotopes and their uses in medicine. Is this where we explain to Ariel that medicine is one of those scientific-kinda things that's concerned with healing sick people?

I'm afraid to tell him that. He probably doesn't believe sick people need healed, just that they shouldn't get sick in the first place.

These days, I put nothing beyond these creeps.