Thursday, December 30, 2004

Bush is Bad for Business

International consumers who dislike BushCo are voting with their pocketbooks:

The Bush administration's foreign policy may be costing U.S. corporations business overseas--according to a new survey of 8,000 international consumers released this week by the Seattle-based Global Market Insite (GMI) Inc.

Unfortunately, current American foreign policy is viewed by international consumers as a significant negative, when it used to be a positive....Twenty percent of respondents in Europe and Canada said they consciously avoided buying U.S. products as a protest against those policies. That finding was consistent with a similar poll carried out by GMI three weeks after Bush's November election victory.
What this article doesn't mention is anger over Bush's stance on global warming, which has been a huge focus of the international boycott movement. I've been watching this situation since well before the Iraq War (mainly as it related to GMOs), and if the figure of twenty percent quoted in this article is accurate, that's a very large jump in the number of overseas consumers who are boycotting US products. It's also worth noting that tourism has been decreasing for most of Bush's time in office, partially because of our increasingly poor relationships with other countries.

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