Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I've been pretty badly under the weather the last few days...flu, I guess. Whatever it is, it's given me a pretty consistent fever. As a result, there've been lots of shorter posts, and the longer ones tend to ramble even by my lax standards. I hope to be a bit more attentive and cogent soon, and thanks for bearing with me in the meantime.

Also, I'm sure it's a matter of serene indifference to just about everybody...but I really need to change my pseudonym. I've never been in love with it, and the Masonic connotations - which were very far from my mind when I chose it - have occasionally caused me trouble with the tinfoil-hat set. It was mainly intended as a tribute to this fellow, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, it's too easily taken in the wrong way, and I've never really felt comfortable with it, so I'll have to come up with something else. Suggestions are welcome...insulting ones too, of course!


mar-mar said...

What about Stesichoros? According to Greek translator and MacArthur genius Fellow Anne Carson, he was a poet roughly contemporary with Homer who, as legend goes, was temporarily blinded by Helen for his insulting comments about her role in starting the Trojan Wars, and later regained his eyesight when he rescinded the insult.
In any case, hope you feel better soon. Good to see some environmentally concerned bloggers out there...

Phila said...

Hmmmm. Thanks for the info! Sounds to me like tempting the fates, however!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're feeling so poorly, Phila. I have as well. Just got back from the MD, and he was one step removed from recommending dialysis. Scared the living shit out of me.

As for the new ID...I'm all for InThePink myself. Or another language's term for it. V pizdu in Russian, for instance.

But I'm sentimental.


Phila said...

I'm sorry to hear that, LJ...that's awful! Take care of yourself!

filkertom said...

Man, that's rough. Hope you feel better soon.

As to the pseudonym, I like ATablaRasa's suggestion of Philatelist (And anything you post would have your Stamp of Approval. God, the puns are endless.)

Alternately, if you wanted to stick with alchemy, you could go with Cornelius or Agrippa.

trailertrash said...

Lot's of people have been really sick lately. I've finally gotten over something, myself. I found the Equate flu and cold powder was great stuff to put me to sleep. Hope you get to feeling better quickly.

Now, as far as a name - how about Rush Limbaugh... er, wait, that's already taken.


Anonymous said...

reality-based guy?
the smart one?
ala jon stewart--"i got nothing here"

i have enjoyed your thoughts and comments on eschaton and just now wandered over here. yow. nice writing! add this space to my blog bookmarks.

if howie stern can have a talk show how could your potty mouth be worse. oh yeah, he did move to satellite(sp?).

dread pirate roberts

Thers said...

You want "Thersites"? You would get to deal with the monthly/biweekly email from the clever person asking if you "really understand the reference." That's laughs. And then you could give me "Philalethes." But then blood tests and suchlike would probably have to be involved, eventually, so while I could see amusement value it is probably not the greatest idea on balance.

Jenny FTB's "Nudibranch" has merit. My entry would be "The Da."

I've not been well, either... 'tis the season to be wheezin'.

JC from NC said...

Well, I've always liked Hermes Trismegistas. Or Cagliostro. Of course, what I liked about Cagliostro were the lines he has in AXE's initiation ceremony -- I got to play him for 3 years. :)

Phila said...

Joshowitz, that's a good idea! Everyone already calls me that, after all, and part of the reason I wanted to change it is because I didn't want to keep making people spell (and misspell) "Philalethes."

Very good idea! I'll give it a hefty dose of what currently passes for thought in my fever-ravaged noggin!

As for the flu, I never get the shots, and my wife works with little kids who sneeze and wheeze and leak all over her, so there was never much doubt I was going to catch one of the bugs going around. I'm a little surprised how debilitating it's been, though...I've actually spent some time in bed during the day, which only happens to me once every couple years.

Thers said...

I'd actually second Joshowitz. I link to you now via Philalethes, and frankly I'd be pretty goddamn lazy about changing the link. Joshowitz's advice would make my life easier as I suppose sometime in the next two years there's a better than even chance I'll get up the initiative to delete the superfluous six letters.

You really should take the self-absorbed feelings of your lazy-assed sluglike friends into account here.