Monday, December 20, 2004

Some Pig

Be it known:

"Secretary Rumsfeld is doing a spectacular job," the president's chief of staff, Andrew Card, told ABC's "This Week."
For some reason, when I read that quote, all I could think about was this book, which describes the power of words to create reality.

Next we'll be hearing that Rumsfeld is "terrific" and "radiant."


Ellie Finlay said...

The book I keep thinking about is _That Hideous Strength_ by C.S. Lewis. Of course, Lewis was going after academic "liberals" when he wrote it but his description of the use/misuse of language to suck people into what turned out to be truly evil was chilling. (We need Merlin to arise and come rescue us as he did in the book.)

Anonymous said...

His base (and how appropriate that word is) won't care until he starts using the gay code-word of "fabulous," darling.

Or faboo.


Arne Langsetmo said...

Senators Hesitant To Replace Rumsfeld, says the headline on the article. And they're referring to the Republican Senators who have lost confidence in Rummy and his "catastrophic successes".

Hate to tell them, though, that they don't have the power to replace him, even if they really wanted to. It's too late for that. They confirmed him, and now he stays as long as the Doofus-In-Chief wants him, and the Doofus-In-Chief is of the curious opinion that Rummy's doing a "spectacular" job. Something they ought to keep in mind the next time they're called for "advice and consent".

OTOH, there is a way to finsse this little conundrum, if they had the balls to do it. They can impeach and remove the person that is heading up this whole bollix, and maybe the next person to head the executive will have a bit more sense -- not to say intelligence, logic, curiosity, morals, etc. -- and will appoint somebody SecDef that isn't such a major league azo on top of being an arrogant incompetent. . . .

Phila said...

Arne, I agree with you that Rumsfeld is likely to stay come hell or high water. But obviously, I'd love to be proven wrong!

I'm amazed that more people aren't scared shitless by what Rumsfeld's job security suggests. If this is how BushCo treats our soldiers - whom it desperately needs - it doesn't bode very well for the rest of us.