Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Hear No Evil

From Britain comes a fascinating story that shows what happens when ethicists take their job so seriously that they actually become an obstacle to unethical behavior:

The environment secretary, Margaret Beckett, is to scrap an advisory committee after it repeatedly placed obstacles in the way of government plans to introduce genetically modified crops.

The commission established by the government to monitor ethical and social issues linked to GM crops is to be disbanded after its members insisted that conventional and organic farmers should be protected from contamination by GM crops - and be compensated if safeguards fail.
I think what impresses me more than anything else about contemporary planetary management is the incredible childishness of the people in charge. If people tell them they can't do something, and explain why, they simply put their hands over their ears and shriek "But I want to!"

Who needs science or ethics, when you've got willful ignorance and greed?

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Sue123 said...
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