Tuesday, June 19, 2007

This, That, and the Other

A few random links, just so I can put off writing anything for a little while longer:

Congo Journey is a collection of "Photographs and Documents from Robert Hottot's Expedition to Central Africa, 1908-9."

Art That Heals: The Image as Medicine in Ethiopia is a fascinating site that discusses the role of medico-religious identities, secret names, and talismans in traditional medicine.

The Dawn of Colour commemorates the centennial of the autochrome. Here's one taken in 1913 by Mervyn Joseph Pius O'Gorman:

Tyren, Jomfruen og alle de andre comprises a collection of old star atlases (in Danish).

Teh Booxxor of Joob preachez teh LOLcat g05p3l 2 u nooblarz (via Pandagon).

Not Pop-Ups: The Other Illustrated Books, Ephemera, and Graphic Designs of Vojtech Kubašta was the source for the illustration at the top of this post.

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