Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Head All Full of Stuffing, My Heart All Full of Pain

CKR and Eli have simultaneously bestowed a Thinking Blogger award on yours truly, which is as almost as kind as it is baffling. I’d feel more honest if I’d gotten a “Emotionally Disintegrating Blogger” award, but perhaps those are in short supply. There's a war on, after all.

Then again, it’s possible that I do deserve to be called a “thinking blogger,” to the extent that I find thinking more bearable than feeling, these days.

Anyway, the rules of the game oblige me to name five bloggers who make me think. Which is difficult, being as it covers everyone on my blogroll and then some. Accordingly, I’ll list five bloggers I think deserve to be more widely read, in alphabetical order.

Interrobang is on hiatus, but worth waiting for.

Juniper Pearl is a funny, engaging writer whose intense moral seriousness has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it.

Niches routinely informs me about things that don’t make me want to eat rat poison.

Olvlzl’s distaste for pseudorationality and self-defeating identity politics may almost outstrip mine.

Question Technology questions technology.
All of these people are more interesting than me, as is everyone else on my blogroll. Go thou and seek 'em out.


roger said...

had i thought of it, i would have also named you a thinking blogger.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Anything I can do to keep you from eating rat poison, just let me know! ;-)

juniper pearl said...

All of these people are more interesting than me, as is everyone else on my blogroll.

stuff and nonsense, especially since at least one of them (*blush*) has not written anything in about a month. but i'm elated to know that the geeky, bloggy affection is so mutual.