Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Nudibranch Blogging

Oh ! how can I
Enough admire Ceratosoma tenue, exprest
In new proportions, which doth give the Ly
To that Arithmetique which hath profest
All Numbers to be Hers ? thy Harmony
Comes from the Spheres, and there doth prove
Strange measures so well grac'd, as Majesty
It self, like thee would rest, like thee would move.

Photo by Jun Imamoto.


four legs good said...

Sigh. Wonderful.

Cervantes said...

Okay, you made me Google part of the quote, but it only found your post. (And congrats on the Googlewack.) So what is it, and what was it about originally?

Phila said...

"To Her Body," by Edward, Lord Herbert of Chirbury, circa 1665.

Pretty self-explanatory....

Cervantes said...

Well, you know, it could have been about a Grecian urn or something . . .