Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sacred Principles

The robustly heterosexual David Limbaugh has had it up to the sigmoid colon with the pounding…I mean the licking…I mean the abuse that ordinary Americans have had to take from uppity queers:

Homosexual groups deny they are pressing for special rights and protection, but no one is shutting down their speech, branding them as hateful, bullying them with threats of firings, and publicly insulting the sacred principles in which they believe….
Indeed. No one is branding homosexuals as hateful; no one bullies them with threats of firing; and no one publicly insults them or their principles. If you’ve gotten the opposite impression, it’s probably because a cabal of dangerous, despicable homosexuals has exploited our belief in free speech and tolerance in order to promote their perverted lifestyle.
Homosexual groups maintain they are promoting diversity, but seek to suppress diverse viewpoints by labeling them "hateful" and "hurtful."
Yes, they do. Quite a paradox, eh? It’s kind of like how blacks claim to be in favor of equality, and then get angry when they’re called “dirty niggers.” It beats me why they can’t see the contradiction this entails, but I’m sure Charles Murray could give me a scientific explanation.

Anyway, Limbaugh’s claim that bigots like himself are oppressed is reasonably accurate. What he fails to mention is that they’re not oppressed enough.

Like Limbaugh, I view most social progress as an expression of intolerance. It’s not about leaning down from Parnassus in order to recognize the inconvenient moral claims of women or minorities; it’s about rejecting the immoral claims of bigots, now and forever, with the understanding that basing a civilized society on their ideas is not only unjust, but a logical impossibility.

It’s natural that bigots should feel diminished and discriminated against by laws that protect the targets of their hatred; if they don’t, it’s a sign that the laws don’t go far enough.

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