Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Music Blogging


Tena said...

Hey - if you see this, I left you one long-ass reply over at Robert's to your last comment.

I hated to do that - reveal that. But I guess inasmuch as you might understand where I'm coming from about things I say if you read the comment, I won't explain it here.

You have been amazingly kind in what you've said about me. I said at the end, and probably at Robert's, that the people who have awed me the most (and have actually changed something about me in a very positive way) are those who have told me that while they don't necessarily agree with me, they respect me enough to respect my right to say it since it meant so much to me.

Thank you - you honestly don't know what you've done. Y'all changed me, Phila, and I am grateful. I like what you did. LOL - I know I know - I'll stop.

Phila said...


As I said over there - before reading this - I feel the same way about you, RMJ, and a few other people. Which is why the whole thing'll always be a net positive for me.