Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Wedge or Bridge?

A week or so ago, I was arguing that the environment is an ideal wedge issue to use against the Right, especially in state and local politics. This article concurs...in a sense:

Environmental issues, especially at the state and local levels, are bringing together conservatives and liberals who agree on little else, providing common ground in an increasingly polarized nation....Conservatives such as pro-gun hunters and antiabortion evangelicals are making common cause with pro-abortion-rights, gun-control liberals on land conservation, pollution, and endangered-species protection.
It's an interesting article, worth reading in full. What I think is odd, though, is how it speaks of "bringing people together," "making common cause," and so forth. It made me realize that this is often the tone the media prefers when the Right grants the Left's traditional positions some validity. By contrast, when the Right siphons away some lefties, as it's done with gay marriage or abortion, it's popularly seen as exploiting a "wedge issue." In other words, the Right is portrayed as being willing, occasionally, to take the unexpected stance of "validating" liberal concerns, while the Left is portrayed as a beleaguered group of backbiters trying desperately to hold together a marriage of convenience.

Has anyone else noticed this, or am I just imaging things?


robin andrea said...

your good hope friday pieces are looking more and more like a valiant little flower pushing up through a crack in the pavement of the industrial wasteland of the city/factory, struggling to bloom in toxic air.

i am buoyed by the discovery of whole ancient cities with extensive irrigation canals reclaimed by the jungle in central and south america. could be detroit's future.

dread pirate roberts

Aquaria said...

I hadn't bothered to notice it, so I'm glad you pointed it out to me.

Love the manipulation of language.