Monday, March 28, 2005

Injudicious Gardening

I'd been planning for a while to set up a separate blog to act as a repository of quotes that interested me. I've finally gotten around to it; you can visit it by clicking here.

This site will give me easier access to quotes I like, but more important, it'll let me get rid of a stack of books that I'm keeping around simply on the basis of a paragraph or two. And best of all, it'll justify - just barely - the wad of cash I recently spent on a pen scanner.

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robin andrea said...

That's a really nice site, Phila. A good idea, and a great way to put out there the things that have inspired, provoked, or moved you. I remember a comment you left once where you quoted Tolstoy from Resurrection, it was so perfect. Having powerful quotes like that compiled in one blog will be a great resource. Thanks.
Rexroths Daughter