Monday, March 14, 2005

Come On Down!

The US-funded al-Iraqiya channel has an exciting new TV game show in which alleged Iraqi insurgents are confronted by their victims' families, and forced to confess on camera:

Terror in the Grip of Justice is the latest weapon in the Government's propaganda war against the insurgents, exposing them as the enemies of Iraqis and cautioning those tempted to join them. The authorities insist that the confessions are genuine, although many wonder whether the statements are made by ashamed killers or simply bad B-actors.


Insurgents have begun a propaganda counter-offensive, denouncing the tapes as fakes and threatening to impose "God's justice" on the station's employees — a threat apparently made real with the killing of Raeda Wazan, an anchorwoman, last month.
Hmmm. "Terror in the grip of justice" versus "God's justice." I don't know...they both make a good case!

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