Monday, March 07, 2005

An Outright Xenophobe

In re John Bolton being nominated to the post of ambassador to the UN, there are a couple of must-read posts at Arms Control Wonk today. (Of course, every post at ACW is must-read, but you know what I mean.)

In particular, check out this quote from Bolton:

In substantive field after field — human rights, labor, health, the environment, political-military affairs, and international organizations — the Globalists have been advancing while the Americanists have slept. Recent clashes in and around the United States Senate indicate that the Americanist party has awakened, and that the harm and costs to the United States of belittling our popular sovereignty and constitutionalism, and restricting both our domestic and our international policy flexibility and power are finally receiving attention.


Rmj said...

Thanks for making me realize it's even worse than I thought.

robin andrea said...

is he saying he's against human rights? labor? against the envorinment? the "americanist" party? WTF? sounds like more bad for all.

Phila said...
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Phila said...


I think that's exactly what he's saying. And it's not really a shock...this shit goes back to the John Birch Society. The paranoid style, as they say.

But yeah...the "Americanist Party." That has a really ugly sound, doesn't it?

Rmj said...

I heard someone yesterday, must have been on NPR, say that the one word never used in a sentence to describe John Bolton was "diplomat."

Great. Let's just put a big ol' thumb in the world's eye, now that "we've" brought democracy to the Middle East (does anyone in this country have any sense of history that doesn't begin and end with the United States? Is it conceivable that what is happening now in the Mid-East is the result of coincidence, such as the death of Arafat, or Syria overplaying it's hand, or the interests of the Dhruse in Lebanon, etc., etc.? No, of course not. It's the genius of King George, and the approval of God on his efforts! What else could it be?

...I'll retire to Bedlam.)

robin andrea said...

clinton for secretary-general of the un! RD's dream appointment to counter bolton. wouldn't it be just the perfect poke in george's eye if the un selected the big dog?

dread pirate roberts

Phila said...

"...I'll retire to Bedlam.)"

Great! You can be the new Christopher Smart.