Wednesday, January 05, 2005

There Must Be Some Mistake

As we all know, Democrats can't and won't win elections until they stop appeasing gay couples who want equal rights just because they're citizens, taxpayers, and human beings. Denying these rights is something Ameicans feel very strongly about, and nothing will ever change their minds, because it's a matter of moral values.

Except in Vermont, where something's gone dreadfully wrong.

The Democrats triumphantly reclaimed control of the Vermont House on Wednesday, four years after they were swept from power in a backlash against the state's first-in-the-nation law creating civil unions for gay couples.

Lawmakers and political observers said Vermont's voters have become more comfortable with the notion of civil unions, which grant gay couples nearly all the rights and responsibilities of marriage.

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Thers said...


I bet this has something to do with Vermont's increasingly "urban" or something like it population. Burlington is a nifty little city -- terrific bookstores; we go every year, to spread evil and dissention -- and quite progressive. But I'm also sure that's not the whole story.

Dems did very well in local elections in '04. I really think we are winning the slow, local, person-to-person fight.