Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Credibility and Integrity

A week or so ago, I posted an article stating that

Jeb Bush has fired a top official who was accused of sexual harassment...

...and replaced him with a pornography addict, plagiarist, and apologist for slavery.
Now, the pornography addict, plagiarist, and apologist for slavery has resigned. He blames "sensationalized news stories" for his troubles, rather than the fact that the charges against him are clearly true. Plagiarism, in particular, is pretty easy to detect, and it was his own newspaper that investigated and punished him for it.

But just as Condi Rice can find it within herself to become aggrieved when her "credibility and integrity" are impugned by a public recitation of her own words, this fellow holds to the Republican credo that one remains innocent after being proved guilty.


NYMary said...

Well, Phila, I suspect this is related to the mythos of Redemption. Ya know, when you're a scumbag and you decide suddenly not to be a scumbag, and then suddenly nothing you did while you were still a scumbag can be counted against you anymore. You see this with AA people sometimes: everything was the fault of the addiction (even dicklike behaviors which predated it by years) but once they learn to blame everything on the addiction, they feel like it's a free pass for the past.

This, of course, is the sand upon which the present administration has built its house. It's Saint Augustine without the brains. Watch and learn, because Jeb's on deck, we all know that. And if he's anything like his bro, he'll stack his cabinet with his state-level cronies, so this is something to watch.

Ellie Finlay said...

Condi's voice has recently begun to have the same effect on me as the Shrub's. My aversion to the sound of it is so great that out of enlightened self-interest regarding my blood pressure I have to turn the radio off as soon as I hear it.