Friday, January 14, 2005

Fun With Moral Relativism

The hell with it. I'm going to trim this goddamn thing way down.


Thers said...

I hear you, brother. I hear you.

For me, I keep honing my blade.

And what is my enemy?


Anonymous said...

The sentiment's fine, NI. It's just the tone. It's really not how I want to come across. It's hard not to lapse into it when you're talking about epistemic questions, because that's how these things are normally discussed in the literature. But there's no need for it here, and as a general rule, the more academic-sounding language there is in something I post, the less comfortable I am with what I'm trying to say.

To quote Adorno, "A thicket is not a sacred grove."

You're still welcome to dole out your epiphany, though!