Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday Nudibranch Blogging

Surfdork demanded more hot nudibranch-on-nudibranch action, and here it is. Without so much as a "hello," these saltwater sex addicts are getting down and getting off. Don't bother wondering who's sticking what where, 'cause "any port in a storm" is the motto of these meat-hungry molluscs. In other words, you're looking at down-and-dirty, wall-to-wall, no-holes-barred triple-X SEXXX, like you've never seen it before! CAN YOUR HEART STAND IT?????


Aquaria said...

Well, with a name like nudibranch, you expected any different behavior?

Seriously, those nudies are just gorgeous, Phila.

Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! Surfdork LOVES the hot action. I also like your Friday optimism postings.

four legs good said...

Holy shit!!! it's super psychedelic nudibranch action!!

I almost feel like I'm on acid.

NYMary said...

What fourlegs said. Like chewing a whole pack of Fruit Stripe gum at once!

Anonymous said...

they're beautiful!


Arne Langsetmo said...

You didn't mention that these nudies swing every which way ... they're true hermaphrodites. They can be both father and mother and in fact usually are. In humans, usually what is called "hermaphroditism" (such people are now more commonly known as "intersexuals") is pseudohermaphroditism, with seconday sexual characteristics of both male and female but only one type of gonads. True hermaphrodites are rarer in humans.

Fishes (and molluscs) have more a much more varied sexuality, BTW. Many species of reef fishes change gender with age and/or circumstance, usually "female" while younger and "male" while older (but keep in mind that such designations of "female" and "male" don't really map onto those we use as humans, so don't think this extrapolates in any way into some 'insight' on human behaviour).

* * * * *

I'm disappointed ... I'm here in Pago Pago, and was hoping for a couple days off work so I could go say hello to the local nudies. But work beckons and it looks like I won't get any diving done this trip; c'est la vie.