Saturday, January 08, 2005

Guilty Now and Forever

Captain James Yee has received an honorable discharge from the Army.

Remember when Michelle Maglalang said this about him?

Yee exploited our bent-over-backwards solicitude toward Muslims in the military by allegedly using his access to smuggle out diagrams of the detainees' cells and lists of the names of the detainees and their interrogators.
Note to Michelle: That "allegedly" belonged before "exploited," you insufferable buffoon, not before "using."

Maglalang goes on to make Yee a poster child for the evils of something called "multiculturalism" (which is known to most of us as "reality"). I'm sure that her apology will be sincere and effusive.

Mithras catalogs a few other examples of the Right howling for this innocent man's blood:
They all called him a traitor, said leg irons were too good for him, said political correctness was shielding him from media scrutiny, and said all Muslim chaplains should be under suspicion.
Meanwhile, after studiously ignoring the fact that Yee was completely cleared of all criminal charges, Misha at AIR points out that "gee, adultery is pretty darn bad too."

Yes, it is. That being the case, let's pass a law making adultery grounds for summary dismissal from political office, shall we? After all, it'd be nice to see lots of new faces in Congress, wouldn't it? Of course, the Republicans might end up losing a few political heavyweights, but the goal of moral purity surely trumps such petty strategic considerations.

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