Friday, December 24, 2004

Friday Nudibranch Blogging


Anonymous said...

Phila, you shameless blogwhore. I saw your post over at Atrios and popped over to say ooh ah pretty.

So I said it.


Silleigh said...

I'm going over to the Koufax Awards to nominate you for Best Nudibranch Blogger, I swear.

Thanks for all the pretties, and Merry Happy!

(Y'know, visiting everybody's blogs today kinda feels like going door-to-door in the neighborhood with eggnog and stuff.)

Wyatt Junker said...

You got wierd-lookin' poo poohs.

Spots on 'em isn't a good sign.

Too many franfurters loaded with nitrates.

See a doctor. ASAP.