Thursday, December 23, 2004

What's Wrong With This Picture?

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Anonymous said...



no_imagination said...

You're looking for a new handle? What's wrong with your current one?

Phila said...

Couple reasons, NI. For one thing, it's a trifle self-aggrandizing, and although this may shock some people, that's really not my style!

Then there's the Masonic thing, which is no big deal in some ways, and does irk me a little. I know little enough about the Masons, and I care even less.

I just pulled the name out of a book on my shelf before posting for the first time on Eschaton, little knowing I'd get so involved in blogging. And all this time later, when I feel like y'all are actual friends, it seems way too formal, too affected, and too much of a mouthful. Joshowitz suggested shortening it to "Phila," like everyone already does. That sounds pretty good. Otherwise, a simple yet evocative name of a syllable or two seems like the way to go..."Fuckface," maybe?

Thersites said...

I uess it's better to get the pin attached before the condom comes out of the wrapper, rather than at a later point, if you're so determined to pin a note in it.

Anonymous said...

Who were the marketing morons who dreamed this up?!?!

Looking closely at the photo, it's a pic of a single wrapped condom packet -- with a pin through it, totally defeating the ostensible purpose of that specific item, and in contravention of the written message! Guess the guy who uses THAT one is gonna be shit out of luck.

If you really have to beribbon a contraceptive in its fresh foil jacket, attach it with adhesive tape.

And for that ueber-patriotic slut in your life, make it Duct Tape (tm)! ;^)

[Sorry, no Blogger account, so This "Anonymous" is a.k.a. Mark Abbott.]