Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Enmeshed in Extremist Networks

Cal Thomas wants you to know that today is Iraq’s Independence Day. Or will be, probably, if this war – which may have started in 1968, or possibly earlier - ever actually ends:

This larger war did not begin on March 20, 2003. The first shot may have been fired in 1968 when three members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijacked an El Al plane bound for Israel. Or, it might have begun in 1948 when Israel was officially reconstituted in its ancient homeland by the United Nations and recognized by the United States and other countries….

This war will not end in the next year, in another four years, or perhaps in 100 years….
We don’t know when it started, and it may not end for 100 years. And as Mr. Thomas insightfully notes, “premature hope can be a dangerous thing.”

And yet....
If stability is achieved and freedom preserved, March 20, 2003, will no longer be seen as the "beginning" of a war, but as Independence Day for a nation whose renaissance may just turn the tide of this world war in freedom's direction.
Hmmm. If Thomas turned out to be right, it’s safe to say that a grateful posterity would wind garlands of flowers around his tombstone, and millions of planchettes would spell out “BWA HA HA” as hordes of deceased FReepers swarmed triumphantly to the nation’s Ouija boards. It looks to me like we’d better give Thomas the benefit of the doubt for now, lest we look foolish posthumously.

In the meantime, Global Islamofascism remains diabolically cunning and resourceful. A story at Phi Beta Cons suggests to the discerning reader that multiculturalist indoctrination has made a generation of female college students so desperate for “dark meat” that they’re willing to aid and abet terrorists:
According to a Dutch researcher, one reason such women become enmeshed in extremist networks is that they come under the influence of "Moroccan lover boys" — a phrase used by analysts to characterize attractive radicals who lure emotionally needy women into committing criminal acts.
Sadly, the Dutch researcher is not named, and neither are the “analysts” who coined the taxonomic term “Moroccan lover boys.”

But that’s by the by. The important thing here is the threat posed to our nation by pathetic, clinging, simpering, overeducated sluts with a white-hot passion for illicit sex and Islamic martyrdom. Can stability be achieved, and freedom preserved, while these hussies swarm like flies around every greasy Islamofascist lothario who plies them with Koranic exegesis?

Hell, not even a harebrained Pollyanna like Cal Thomas could be optimistic enough to believe that.


¡El Gato Negro! said...

It looks to me like we’d better give Thomas the benefit of the doubt for now, lest we look foolish posthumously.

¿What eef we reverse that?

I theenk that would work better.


roger said...

keep premature hope alive!

nice tag on this post.