Monday, March 19, 2007

The Geometrid Horror

I figured I’d ease myself back into things by posting a short collection of interesting links, even though I know I’ll regret it when Friday rolls around.

Childrens’ 19th Century Science Literature compiles some incredible illustrations, such as John McCook’s study of The Geometrid Horror from Tenants of An Old Farm:

Fiji Online Museum has a nice exhibition of glass plate negatives, whence comes the image at the top of this post.

The Wisconsin Historical Society has a glorious collection of Tall-Tale Postcards. It comprises a million cards, give or take, and they’ll pay you ten dollars for every minute you spend browsing through them.

I also enjoyed Life As He Knew It: Photographs of Black Los Angeles from the Walter Gordon Collection. If If that site’s too generalist for you, perhaps you’ll prefer All Frocked Up: Glimpses of Cross-Dressing in Saskatchewan. Or World War I Belgian Embroidered Flour Sacks.

Also, be sure to have a look at Pruned on Sites of Managed Anxiety, and read BLDGBLOG’s fascinating post entitled Earth’s Secret Surfacing.


¡El Gato Negro! said...

You have returned just een time to see elements of la blogsfera get some grudging Rrrespect.

I must confess a sentimental weakness for archaic image collection sites, and have whiled away gamer's hours going through them.

El Diablo for a bandweedth-hog too. eh?


Interrobang said...

I love those tall-tale postcards. They remind me of a friend of mine's art -- like this and especially this. His name is Winston Smith, incidentally.

olvlzl said...

Magnificant collection of sites. If only I had a faster connection.