Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ad Cloaca Per Aspera

If you've been starving for those heart-gladdening epiphanies that Bouphonia, in happier times, produced as effortlessly as victims of Blackwater Fever produce dark, reeking urine, you may consider this your lucky day.

Having conducted plenty of assiduous firsthand research, I'm now prepared to assert that moving is a soul-crushing torment far beyond anything M.G. Lewis dreamed up. Especially when it's raining. You heard it here first!

I've had no time to go online in the last couple of weeks, let alone to write anything that meets this blog's famously low standards for coherence and readability.

This should change very soon, in theory. The trickiest step - I hope - will be to get a decent DSL connection in the new place. From there, it'll be a simple matter of convincing myself that I have something worthwhile to say, and finding enough time to say it.

How hard could that be?


ellroon said...

Don't worry. We will let you dig out from your boxes and settle in before we start pounding on your door.

And if that's you driving in that photo, watch out for the ditches!

Phila said...

We will let you dig out from your boxes and settle in before we start pounding on your door.

Ha! That'd be a long wait. Once the moving's finished, the renovation begins. Or continues, I should say. So I'll be under boxes for quite some time. But starting tomorrow, things should be a bit less hectic.

Thanks for the kind words.

rorschach said...

godspeed, phila! May your renovation proceed with none of the kafkaesque tyrannies and deferments as plagued ours...

Palimpsester said...

that's a wide load there in your photo--keep looking up too, for those rascally power lines

always thought it was amazing that the guide dogs also scanned for overhangs and such

Anonymous said...

nice house.

i never read what you write anyway, just keep bring'n the cool photo links. ok, sometimes...

good luck.

Anonymous said...

Phila, I check in here every day or three because you do write stuff worth reading. So I'm happy to know you haven't fall under a bus, but just a bunch of boxes. At the least, keep us apprised of the struggle: don't just disappear!

Nanette said...

My sympathies. Moving is one of the worst things ever - for me, anyway.

I have a friend who is soooo efficient and organized (grrr) that within a day or so of being in a new place, husband and two small children in tow, she had everything as settled as if she'd lived there for years.

I just don't get it. Me, I'm on a treasure hunt for weeks afterwards, wondering where this or that is. Sigh.

Good luck to you, and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Yay, Phila, good to see you back!

It took me almost a year to get the boxes in the middle of the living room gone, and I wasn't doing much renovation.

Good luck.