Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mama Tells Me to Study Lei Feng

I’ve finally gotten around to browsing through Conservapedia, the pro-American and pro-Christian alternative to Wikipedia, and I’m duly impressed. Where Wikipedia gives aid and comfort to Islamofascism by devoting several thousand words to the explication of physics, Conservapedia cuts through the mumbo-jumbo and boils it down to the essentials:

Physics is the branch of science that endeavors to study the laws that control the world. A scientist that studies physics is called a physicist.
One such scientist, of course, was Isaac Newton, whose Conservapedia entry effortlessly pinpoints what made him great:
Newton is often seen as one of the greatest scientific people in all history due to his contributions, which inspired Kant to create the philosophical concepts of the categorical imperative and the synthetic a priori.
The mention of Kant led me to this entry, which I thought was worth preserving, on the off chance that some conservative scholar might eventually find fault with it:
The German Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) was one of the most famous philosophers ever, and is therefore one of the best philosophers ever. In his "A Critique of Pure Reason," Kant criticizes pure reason as a guide to life, establishing several categories through which reason is able to comprehend the ultimate reality. Though Kant may not have been a Christian himself, he considered Christian values to be the best values in the world in space, due to the antimony of practical reason….

Kant is taught in all college philosophy departments to this day, though not for praising Christianity! He remained a confirmed bachelor throughout his life.

(Illustration: Mama tells me to study Lei Feng, Guangdong People's Publishing House, 1982.)

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