Friday, October 29, 2004

Keeping Costs Down

From National Geographic comes a nice example of how BushCo keeps costs down in Iraq:

"When Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Jerome Boganowski was sent to Iraq with his reserve unit, he decided to take along our October 2002 Middle East supplement map. It came in handy. His job in Iraq was directing convoys to military bases, but he had no maps along to guide him. "Several times," he says, "we didn't know where we were." Jerome logged 3,000 miles on the road during three months in the desert, navigating with a GPS unit from home and his National Geographic map. "I never let the map out of my sight," he says. "It was a godsend." Now back at his old job as an Omaha, Nebraska, deputy sheriff, Jerome has laminated the well-worn map and hung it in a place of honor on his wall."

Right next to his Donald Rumsfeld dartboard, I hope.


NYMary said...

Well, they are nice maps. I wonder if they marked Ur and the locations of ancient battles.

Thers said...

And some poor shmuck who only reads the National Review is still out there in the desert, dying of thirst and getting shot at, but still damn sure them gays shouldn't get married...