Monday, October 18, 2004

Foul-Mouthed Temper Tantrums

According to this alarming article El Chimpo Borracho is melting down completely:

The 43rd US President has always had a much-publicised knack for mangled syntax, but now George Bush often searches an agonisingly long time, sometimes in vain, for the right words. His mind simply blanks out at crucial times. He is prone, I am told, to foul-mouthed temper tantrums in the White House. His handlers now rarely allow him to speak an unscripted word in public.


A senior Republican, experienced and wise in the ways of Washington, told me last Friday that he does not necessarily accept that Bush is unstable, but what is clear, he added, is that he is now manifestly unfit to be President.
As opposed to 2000, when he was a little less manifestly unfit to be President.


Thers said...

He's also manifestly unqualified to wipe my ass after a burrito binge. Or to safely handle the burnt-out matchsticks. Or to keep the bubblegum out of his nostrils. Or to keep the crayons hygenic.

Oy, the jokes write themselves...

echidne said...

There have been so many stories about Bush's health that I'm not sure what to believe. But the fact is that he decided not to have his medical in August which he usually did, and this fact is really unreported in the media. Why delay the medical? It makes no sense, unless something might come out that should not.

And he looks unwell.