Friday, October 29, 2004

Dick and Mary

In Yahoo's People Search directory, there are about 200 Dick Tracys. There are two people named Mary Poppins.

There are also 20 people named Donald Duck, 24 people named Mickey Mouse, and 200 people named Charlie Brown. There are six Flash Gordons, 35 Buck Rogers, and 145 Tom Swifts.

There are 200 Tom Sawyers, one Huck Finn, and one Mark Twain.

There are 103 Bill Clintons, 115 George Bushes, and 76 Ronald Reagans.

There are 200 Michael Savages, 25 Ann Coulters, and 22 Michael Medveds.

There are 18 Clark Gables, 28 Charlie Chaplins, two Stan Laurels, and 12 Oliver Hardys.

And there are three people named Jesus Christ.

Just sayin'!

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