Thursday, October 14, 2004

In Lurch We Trust!

I've said before that I trust Kerry to win this fight. He's a shrewd, tough man, and I'm not going to second-guess him. He's also under enough strain to destroy three ordinary (i.e., reasonably intelligent and unmedicated) men. I don't understand why he doesn't hit Bush harder on certain things, but I do understand that how he comes across to a political obsessive like myself is far less important than how he comes across to the average voter. And all indications are that he's giving them what they want, by and large.

I'm not a romantic when it comes to politics, and I'm not a utopian in any sense. But to the extent that I have hope for the future, I feel that my fortunes are inextricably tied with John Kerry's. And wonder of wonders, I actually feel that they're in reasonably good hands. With Kerry, I think we have a very good chance of making it through what is likely to be an incredibly ugly and dangerous three months, and coming out on top.

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