Thursday, January 06, 2005

Bush to Fundies: "Fuck Jesus...We're Taking Him Out!"

BushCo's thank you to the fundies for turning out in record numbers to support their false prophet's faux-Christian agenda? No crosses allowed at the inauguration parade!

A Christian group is accusing the U.S. Secret Service of religious discrimination and censorship for issuing a memo that bans Christian crosses from the presidential inauguration parade later this month.

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, director of the Washington, D.C.-based Christian Defense Coalition, contends the Secret Service has "trampled the First Amendment and crushed religious freedom in the public square."

"Simply put, it is religious bigotry and censorship," he said. "It is even more troubling when one realizes that it is only Christian symbols that have been excluded from the inauguration parade."
Get used to it, Pat. Bush is not going to be throwing you folks too many bones this time around. He can't run again, and he knows that no matter what he does, you clowns are guaranteed to fall in line behind the next GOP nihilist who can mouth pieties with a straight face. Bush's "faith" is about as convincing as a hooker's multiple orgasms...but you poor saps just can't stop laying your money down, can you?


Anonymous said...

Patrick J. Mahoney is one of the radical pro-lifers. Bush does not want these people around his inauguration, they would scare the bejeepers out of his base. -- Deana Holmes

Anonymous said...

Given the federal government's fondness for defending lawsuits by having someone sit there and mutter "national security" in response to every question... this part should be fun:

"The only way we would not go to court on this -- the Secret Service would have to issue an apology and remove that ban altogether," [Mahoney] said.I mean, it's a perfectly sensible decision by the SS (who really need a better acronym, by the by); a little overzealous, perhaps, but that's their job. Combine these details, and we have the makings for a thoroughly amusing judicial smackdown...

-Andrew Gray

Phila said...


There definitely could be a legitimate security reason for banning crosses, though it's kind of funny how this guy's been bringing them to inaugurations since 1993 with no problem...the times are changing, I guess!

Always nice to see these people at each other's throats, in any case.