Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Something Hidden

Once again, Jonah Goldberg wanders the scenic byways of ignorance, and sends us a postcard reading "Wish you were here!"

[E]ven generally, events which reflect badly on Bush also tend to result in hikes in gas prices. Katrina, for example, pushed Bush's numbers down and gas prices up.
Alright, then. A enormous hurricane slams into the omphalos of American oil and gas production, causing the evacuation of oil platforms, the closing of pipelines, and the shutting down of refineries. The price of gas goes up.

Meanwhile, Bush lolls around strumming a guitar, and canoodling with John McCain, while American men, women, and children drown in the streets of New Orleans. His poll numbers go down.

And now, all these months later, Goldberg puts on his thinking cap and tries to puzzle things out:
Maybe there's something "hidden" in oil prices which illuminates Bush's fortunes more than mere prices at the gas pump.
I cheerfully admit that I don’t think much of the collective brainpower over at the Corner. But some of the regulars must be embarrassed by Goldberg’s comically earnest blithering.

Let's give Jonah credit where it's due, though; every once in a while, he knocks it right out of the park:
[W]e do know there is some correlation between chaos in the Mideast and oil prices.

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