Thursday, April 20, 2006

Not Ready to Come Out

SPLC reports that anti-immigration activist Laine Lawless has been consorting with neo-Nazis. Early in April, she sent a confidential e-mail to Mark Martin, "SS commander" of the Ohio National Socialist Movement, which read:

"Maybe some of your warriors for the race would be the kind of people willing to implement some of these ideas," Lawless wrote. "I’m not ready to come out on this. ... Please don’t use my name. THANKS."
Her suggestions are charming, on the whole. My favorite is "Discourage Spanish-speaking children from going to school. Be creative."

In her e-mail, she acknowledges the illegality of her suggested tactics. Six days after sending the e-mail, she held a press conference in Tucson, where she said:
"As always, Border Guardians remains committed to only lawful actions to combat illegal immigration," she said. "We are committed to practice only peaceful, lawful action in defense of our country."
In other immigration news, the Chicago Tribune offers this interesting factoid:
A new Gallup poll...finds that most Americans favor making illegal immigration a crime.

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