Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Meme Mine

My pal Eli tagged me a few days ago with the “five weird habits” meme. Since he gave it to me right before I had to leave town, I’m probably justified in letting it go. And yet…

1. I feel obliged to answer blog memes even when I don’t want to, and have a perfectly good excuse to ignore them.

2. I often stand on the sides of my shoes, with the soles of my feet facing each other. I can’t imagine why. It’s probably not good for my ankles, and it’s definitely not good for my shoes.

3. I tend to bring two books with me anywhere I go, even though I rarely get around to reading either one of them. But I’m always afraid I’ll have time to read and won’t be able to. And I figure that if I bring only one book, I might not be in the mood for it.

4. I go through about fifty toothpicks a day, mainly because I often bite through them without thinking.

5. I sometimes fidget by spinning open scissors on one finger, a few inches from my face.
I’m late enough answering this that I think I can get away without tagging five other people. Right? Right!


Anonymous said...

I tend to stand (and walk a little) on the sides of my feet, but it's because I have these horrible heel spurs. A physical therapist once looked at the soles of my shoes and deduced as much.

Also, you get extra points for NOT passing along the meme.

Anonymous said...

I always wlk on both feet, tho my arches are very high