Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Weapons of Mass Conception

A few days ago, I brought up what I think are some reasonable doubts about Georges Sada's story that Iraq's WMD were flown to Syria in a pair of modified commercial jets.

(A very brief re-cap of my position: I don't believe Iraq had WMD. But if they did, and they were smuggled to Syria under our nose, then Bush failed at what he himself said was his most important goal: keeping Iraq's WMD out of the hands of terrorists. More likely, though, Sada's simply an opportunist who knows that the Right's appetite for tall tales about Iraq is boundless, and that catering to it pays handsomely.)

Now, I've discovered that Sada has an even more fascinating theory, assuming we can trust Charlie Lynn of the Australian Parliament:

Air Vice Marshal Sada gave a chilling warning about the new strategy of Islamic fundamentalists from the Arab world for achieving their global objective of replacing Western democracies with Islamic states. He refers to it as a "demographic time bomb" strategy based on immigration from Islamic states; the growth of large families heavily subsidised by generous welfare systems; the establishment of exclusive Islamic schools preaching hate; the exploitation of freedom; the rejection of the patriotic values of their adopted country; and the reliance on left-wing radicals who have a deep hatred of America.
I can't find any other description online of this "new strategy," nor any hint of how its presumably top-secret details were conveyed to Mr. Sada (I'm assuming here that Mr. Lynn isn't simply making this stuff up as he goes along).

I do note that Sada bases his claims about the WMD transshipping on the hearsay of two pilots - call 'em Pat and Mike - whom he says can't be identified, let alone interviewed, because it would put their lives at risk. (You'd think that the pilots for a transhipping program involving only two planes would be pretty easy for vengeful Saddamites to track down; just look for the ones who were "very good friends" of Georges Sada.) If that's his idea of compelling evidence, I'm inclined to doubt his claims about Islamistan's terrifying new form of biowarfare.

That said, I suppose the West had better outlaw Muslim immigration, cancel all social programs, close all Muslim schools and mosques, enact a one-baby limit (at most) for immigrant families, and start giving vasectomies to "unlawful combatants" anyway. You can't be too careful!

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