Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hit And Run

MIT offers the most detailed image of a virus ever contrived. It's eerily reminiscent of this illustration from Jacob Boehme's Theosophische Werke (1682). Or perhaps this one, from Michael Maier's Septimana philosophica (1620). It's nice that we're making simultaneous progress in virology and alchemical emblematics!

Secrecy News has a 1979 article on the CIA's program of remote medical diagnosis, which ties in nicely with last Friday's discussion of telemedicine.

Here, and again here, Altmouse flogs the artistic wares of her talented son, David Ogden Altmouse Steirs. (Recommend soundtrack: "Doc" Roberts and Asa Martin's 1928 recording of "Take Those Lips Away.")

Your allergy woes may be over, assuming you're willing to infect yourself with hookworms.

Amanda Marcotte on a modern-day Sleeping Beauty, and her Prince Charming.

Despite record profits, oil companies - Dick Cheney's noble exemplars of free-market rectitude - howl like titty-babies for more subsidies.

A handy map of the NSA Surveillance Octopus

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