Monday, February 13, 2006

Protect the Queen!

From Reuters:

Whittington came up behind and failed to signal that he was there or announce himself, which is proper protocol for hunters. Cheney, an experienced hunter, fired his shotgun without realising that Whittington had approached the group.
From the International Hunter Education Association:
The area behind the hunters is off limits – no one turns to shoot behind.
From the Pennsylvania Game Commission:
Assume every noise and movement is another hunter. If there is any doubt whatsoever -- don't shoot.
From the National Wild Turkey Federation:
The saying, “Once you pull the trigger you can’t take it back,” might be cliché, but it also is very true. It’s vital to positively identify your target before pulling the trigger. “Shooting at sounds, movement or shapes is unethical and very dangerous and could result in someone being shot...."
From Americans for Gun Safety:
Positively Identify Your Target Before Shooting. When in Doubt, Don't Take the Shot.


Eli said...

Protect the Quail, you mean.

Damn liberal sissy quail-lover. This country would be overrun with quail if the likes of you had your way.

Just because there was a little collateral damage on the mission is no reason to lose your resolve and abandon the Global War On Poultry.

Anonymous said...

Cheney actually makes me yearn for Quayle.

Phila said...

Damn liberal sissy quail-lover. This country would be overrun with quail if the likes of you had your way.

And proud of it. One quail is worth fifty Cheneys, for my money.

roger said...

nice of mr whittington to take a bullet for the party and get abramoff off the front page.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Phila. This post says it all.


Anonymous said...

Whatever else may be the case, this entire episode reeks of a lack of character for poor, *poor* Mr. Cheney, who strikes me as practically non-human. Not that I wasn't aware of it before, but maybe the realization will percolate a bit farther down.

charley said...

congrats. dude.

remember it's an honor just to be nominated.

and what the hell is Eli goin' on about?

Dick Cheney shot a man in the Face.