Monday, April 18, 2005

Basements and Bedrooms

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis of Arms Control Wonk has seen fit to coarsen our national discourse by writing a piece entitled "Fuck the Washington Post." His complaint is with some remarks on China's nuclear capabilities that appeared in an article by Edward Cody, WaPo's man in Beijing:

Cody’s piece of lazy, news analysis trash has a few paragraphs devoted to Beijing's nuclear deterrent. Each and every one of the four sentences containing a factual statement is inaccurate in some way. That’s an amazing 100 percent "suck" factor.
Dr. Lewis notes that the WaPo has refused to run his rebuttal. From where I'm sitting - the living-room, if you must know - it looks as though the mass media are just as unwilling to accept criticism from acknowledged experts as they are from bloggers working out of their basements and bedrooms.

As Atrios would say, "Time to convene a panel on blogger ethics and the caustic nature of online criticism!"

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Thers said...

He used the F-word!

That is a much bigger story than a bigtime journalist getting stuff about nuclear weapons wrong. N-bombs in reality are not nearly as important as F-bombs on the internets.