Saturday, November 13, 2004

Melting Ice Caps May Prevent Terrorism

Disturbed by the fact that the arctic ice cap is melting? That's because you don't understand that this unfathomable ecological disaster could help to reduce acts of terrorism!

The melting of the Arctic ice cap could in the future open a new northern waterway, creating a shorter route for ships sailing between Europe and Asia and providing a safe haven from piracy and terrorism.
According to this remarkably perverse and ill-conceived article, another upside will be increased tourism, as people take advantage of enhanced opportunities to survey what's left of the Arctic and its wildlife; that's yet another irrefutable argument for those who feel the Kyoto Protocol is "bad for business."

But the real question is, how long before BushCo informs us that those who want to stop or slow global warming are "objectively pro-terrorism"?

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Gabe said...

I don't think you are looking at this "polar ice cap melting" thing with enough of an open mind. Remember, it will be warmer, so on days when the sun peeks through the pollut- uh, the clouds, you could go kayaking from siberia (which will replace Miami "Its good that it was getting so hot down there because it was too crowded" Beach and the quaint coastal community of Las "turn the air up in the casino" Vegas as a vaction spot for those who can afford lung implants) to the warm sandy beaches of Greenland! Don't you like kayaking? Traitor! If you don't go kayaking, the terrorists win.