Thursday, November 18, 2004

Cry Me a Goddamn River

For sheer, unadultered chutzpah, it's hard to beat this quote from Cardinal Renato Martino, a pimp-ass playa str8 outta Da Vatican, who fears that Europe's bigoted Catholic politicians ain't been gettin' nuff respeck from they peeps:

It looks like a new Inquisition. It is a lay Inquisition, but it is so can freely insult and attack Catholics and nobody will say anything.

Well, nobody except, perhaps, Cardinal Renato Martino, a high-ranking figure at the Vatican...which is a bully pulpit if there ever was one. Tell it to the Cathars, Renato. Tell it to Giordano Bruno.

Meanwhile, Klaus Schwarzkopf, a 93-year-old former SS officer at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, condemned Germany's ban against neo-Nazi hate groups. "It looks to me like a new Holocaust," he said, wiping away a tear. "Did we learn nothing about tolerance from that awful crime?"

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echidne said...

This is such a common reversal of the civil rights battles and other similar struggles. The difference is that these people argue that they are discriminated against if they can't rule the roost. I recently read a similar letter-to-the-editor. A white male politician complained how unfair it was that being male and white handicapped him in getting on various boards. I checked the boards and they all had exactly one token minority person and one or two women. But I guess the world looks different from the top of the mountain than from the valley of people like me.