Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Gay Blame Game

A new study suggests that a genetic process in mothers may lead to homosexuality by suppressing chromosome expression in their offspring, leading to replication of the mother's sexual orientation in male children.

If correct, we're going to have to rethink our strategies for curbing homosexuality through oppression, abuse, and the legalized denial of human rights. Because if homosexuality is truly not a matter of choice for the gay individual, then there can be no other conclusion than that the mothers of these doomed children willfully chose to follow the sinful path that leads to chromosome X inactivation by methyl groups.


Thers said...

I always knew it was those goddamn mothers' fault. Obviously, we need to strangle all females of childbearing age. If we follow this program assiduously all of our problems will eventully just solve themselves.

Why I'm not in the Bush Cabinet with genius thinking like this, I cannot say...

Phila said...

If this is proven, what's going to be really interesting - in a gruesome way - is the fundies' having to balance their unwillingness to accept a genetic basis for homosexuality, versus their excitement at the thought of being able to prevent homosexuality through genetic engineering.

Can't wait to see which path they choose. It wouldn't surprise me if they picked both, really.

Anonymous said...

On Topic - Do you think anyone (except us godless types) will pay any notice?

Off Topic - (I don't know if you read up on new comments to old threads, so I'll repost my comment in this one. I just wanted you to know that I came over here in the middle of the night (last night) and read your two posts on morality and "powerlessness" and wept at the sheer power and eloquence. You moved me deeply, and Mr. Kate, too, who read them when he got up this morning. We're passing those two essays of yours on to others, if you don't mind.)

Phila -

It took me a while to catch on that you have a blog. And once I did, I took a quick scan and then left again without posting. I think I was in one of those numb states of mind which can descend upon me when everything happening is simply too painful to take in. I'm very, very glad I came back to drink in your words.

Your eloquence about morality makes my heart sing because you speak for the deepest values I hold - and it also makes my heart break at the same time, because you're so clear-eyed in describing the tragic course set for all of us by primitive nihilists, whose cheap flag-waving tricks seduce anxious citizens to get aboard the Death Wish Express. Each one of us (who's not a member of the cheap "values" crowd) faces a dark time of great moral testing. Not losing hope is the first part of the challenge.


Phila said...

That's incredibly sweet of you to say, Kate. I'm totally at a loss for words, except "thanks!"

You and other folks at Eschaton have kept my head above water more than once, so if I can returm the favor to any extent, I'm very happy and grateful.

NYMary said...

Awwwww.... group hug.

Seriously, Phila, you're an eloquent, principled guy. That means a lot to me. And my snarky spouse.