Wednesday, May 19, 2010

De Rerum Natura

The Washington Times hammers yet another final nail into Algore's piano-sized coffin:

The alarmists must imagine that 50 years before the birth of Christ, men like Julius Caesar spent their summers strolling the streets of Rome wearing sweaters to guard against catching a chill - instead of abandoning the sweltering capital in favor of temperate seaside villas. A study published in the March 8 edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science casts further doubt on the warmist premise by concluding that the sun beat down more harshly on the Caesars than it did on anyone else in the past 2,000 years.
Not only that, but Lucretius was whining about hot weather centuries ago!
The following easily could be a passage from [Gore's] book "Earth in the Balance" describing the consequence of failure to act on climate change: "Either the scorching sun burns up your fields, or sudden rains or frosts destroy your harvests, or a violent wind carries away all before it." Inconveniently for Mr. Gore, the Roman poet Lucretius expressed those sentiments around 50 B.C. That's because weather back then was just as hot - or hotter - and as extreme as it is today.
See what they did there? The Goracle's movie had the word "inconvenient" in its title, but now it turns out that he's the one who has to face the inconvenient truth that Lucretius' description of extreme weather sounds just like his, but predates it. Which means we can arguably add plagiarism to his list of crimes. Sux2bu, fatty!
Other studies from around the world confirm the existence of Roman and Medieval warming periods, where no source of "greenhouse gases" existed aside from the horses and cows of the time.
I suppose the warmistas think Roman warming was caused by Nero driving an SUV, bwahaha! In fact, the warming was natural, which means that the same natural mechanisms must be at work right now, exclusively, despite any and all evidence to the contrary. And since the term "greenhouse gases" appears in scare quotes, there's no reason to assume that this 100%-natural warming could be exacerbated or accelerated by modern GHG emissions, since the climate is not particularly sensitive, as demonstrated by the fact that it sometimes changes abruptly in ways that can be devastating to human societies.

In short, it's safe to say that the AGW religion has been debunked once and for all by William Patterson et al, regardless of what alarmists like William Patterson may think.

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