Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday Music Blogging

I'll be very, very, very...distracted this week, and won't be writing anything here.

However, I'm going to schedule a Friday Hope Blogging post, so that anyone who feels the urge can post heartening stories in the comments field. The life you save may be your own, but it'll more likely be mine.

Whatever's left of me will resume blogging a week from tomorrow, unless I change my mind for some reason.

Until then...well, let's just say tautugniagmigikpiƱ.


Jazzbumpa said...

Good godd - how many paint balls were sacrificed in the making of that video?

And - uh . . . say WHAT?

JzB the only MOSTLY traditionalist trombonist

Phila said...

Good godd - how many paint balls were sacrificed in the making of that video?

Too few, if you ask me!

Karin said...

Here's some good news, Phila.
After 20 years, the Carter Center is ready to declare a major victory in its war on guinea worm: Nigeria, once the worst-afflicted country in the world, appears to be free of the worms.......Only four countries — Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali and Sudan — still have the worms. About 3,000 of them were found as of last month, down from three million across the globe when Mr. Carter began his effort to wipe them out.

Karin said...

And I was hesitant to jump to conclusions at first, but the EPA announcement to begin drafting regulations on greenhouse gases, appears to be good news.
What say you?

Karin said...

My week to be a lifesaver, I guess.
MIT team wins Darpa's treasure hunt in less than one day

I think the Eschaton regulars could have beat MIT, had we but known about this contest.

charley said...

nice vid.

and hope/peace to you whatever you're going thru.