Friday, March 31, 2006

Asiatic Coolie Invasion!

As long as California is white man’s country, it will remain one of the grandest and best states in the union, but the moment the Golden State is subjected to an unlimited Asiatic coolie invasion there will be no more California.
E.A. Hayes, 1906Capital counts on labor's traditional racism and exclusionary practices, for it recruits precisely those whom organized labor excludes.
Peter Kwong, 1999

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roger said...

in the california of my youth, circa 1950 say, the chinese had a seeming monopoly on firecrackers too, which lots of us kids wanted. the crackers, not the monopoly. it was the small underground economy of our time. the older kids would go to chinatown in sf, buy firecrackers, and deal them to the younger kids. like pot or crack nowadays. now the dealers import fireworks from montana.