Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Music Blogging

Dedicated to The Kenosha Kid.


Anonymous said...

What other Fretwork stuff do you recommend? The Byrd one is all I've got.
Phila, Pizen Sarpint | Homepage | 04.06.08 - 4:11 am | #

they did JS's art of the fugue, another album of bach called alio modo (odds and ends with new arrangements), a great album of 16th century stuff called The Armada or something, and an album from one of those collections of various composers that people used to pass around in the old days, called octaviao petrucciano. or something like that. i can't seem to get my niece's copy of firefox to act civilised enough to look them up on the amazon

- tacitus voltaire

The Kenosha Kid said...

How nice to dedicate a song to me! And it's called NAG NAG NAG, which means... HEY!