Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Nudibranch Blogging

Familiar steps on the twilight stairs, the sight of Bornella anguilla,
An open window at which sweet hope stayed behind --
All this is inexpressible, O God, we fall to our knees,

(Photo by Jun Imamoto.)


Anonymous said...

You've inspired me to get a nudibranch tattoo. It will go with my seahorses on my thighs when they are complete.

Anonymous said...

Nah, it's gotta be photoshopped

Anonymous said...

This one in particular reminds me of the fictional inhabitants of a neutron star, in a book whose name and author i entirely forget but which was quite imaginative in depicting, well, inhabitants of a neutron star. :)

four legs good said...

that one looks like it could eat Tokyo.


Anonymous said...

I'm a chuckling real hearty at this feature. And I've only had one glass of Merlot. In the last hour.