Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday Nudibranch Blogging

See how in their veins all becomes spirit:
into each other Chromodoris lochi mature and grow.
Like axles, their forms tremblingly orbit,
round which it whirls, bewitching and aglow.
Thirsters, and they receive drink,
watchers, and see: they receive sight.
Let them into one another sink
so as to endure each other outright.

(Photo by Ian Skipworth.)


Hecate said...

Every week is more gorgeous than the last.

Unknown said...

The hope blogging and the nudibranch pictures make the crap a lot easier to float on. So to speak. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

My fuzzy slippers! I wondered where they had gotten to.

Those little golden fringes make them much easier to pull on btw. Everybody should get some.

--xan, still rejected by google/blogger

four legs good said...

Ah, delightful!