Monday, December 03, 2007

Almost 100 Percent

Candace de Russy alerts me to some shocking new statistics:

Even though almost 100% of the violence in the world today is perpetuated by followers of the Islamic faith, and roughly 0% is initiated by followers of any other, the media continuously chooses to lead us to believe that it is almost normal for "youths" of "undefined affiliation" to spontaneously react to an accident with violence and mayhem.
Almost 100 percent, mind you. It's this sort of conscientious attention to detail that distinguishes dispassionate scientific inquiry from the ravings of bigots and ideologues.

This statement is interesting because although the author otherwise shows few symptoms of being a competent writer or thinker, he or she is very careful to use words like "perpetuated" and "initiated," in order to put violence committed against Muslims under the heading of violence caused by Muslims. In short, the Islamofascists are hateful not just for what they do to us, but also for what they make us do to them.

It's a good effort, but I don't know how many members of PBC's target audience it'll convince. What about the Abortion Holocaust, which kills many more people each year than Osama manages even in his wettest dreams? Or teh Mexicans, who are killing 12 Americans per day (not counting the ones they're infecting with leprosy)? And what about secular humanism, which — as the Pope himself reminds us — is the bloodiest religion of all?

If only there were some sort of Grand Unification Theory that could provide a single explanation for these seemingly unrelated phenomena....

(Illustration via Cubic Awareness Online.)


P. Drāno said...

The author also points out that the youths are of "North African dissent". So that complicates things terribly.

Anonymous said...

Almost (close enough!) 100 percent of the violence in the world today is perpetuated (perpetrated?) by men.

julian said...

we secular humanists cause 100%, islam causes all of it, another 100% for men. Whats left for the pope?