Monday, March 06, 2006

Koufax 2005: The Thrill of Defeat

The Koufax Awards have rolled around again, and lots of terrific blogs are in the running. I'm grateful to have been nominated in three categories: Best Writing, Most Deserving of Wider Recognition, and Best Commenter.

I could explain at length why I don't deserve to win, but why bother? My work speaks for itself.

Here, then, are my voting recommendations. Bear in mind that these are primaries; the winners will be chosen from a list of finalists, so vote your conscience!

Best Blog (Non-Professional): Eschaton.
Best Blog (Professional): Orcinus.
Best Blog Community: WorldChanging.
Best Writing: Echidne.
Best New Blog: Stayin' Alive.
Most Deserving of Wider Recognition: Adventus.
Best Single Issue Blog: Arms Control Wonk.
Best Expert Blog Effect Measure.
Best Group Blog: WhirledView.
Best State or Local Blog: Red State Rabble.
Best Series: Birds In the News by Grrl Scientist.
Most Humorous Blog: Metacomments.
Best Commenter(s): Thers at Eschaton.
Everyone should vote - there are cash prizes this year! - and if you have a buck or two to spare, you might consider donating it to Wampum, which hosts the contest (and is a great blog in its own right).


Anonymous said...

Isn't there a category for Best Nudibranch Blogging? I'll recommend one for next year.


stitchwitch said...

I agree. A category for Best Nudibranch blogging is really needed. I was at the zoo in San Antonio this weekend and saw some cool nudibranchs up close and personal. Very cool.

Thers said...

I'm boycotting the Koufaxes because of the unfair omission of Ann Altmouse, on what would appear to be strictly partisan grounds.