Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's Worse Than You Think

The right-wing media aren't telling you just how bad things are in Iraq. This is a photo of downtown Baghdad. The devastation speaks for itself.

The horror of this scene is compounded by the fact that the Bush administration hasn't supplied our troops with enough interociters.

UPDATE: It's come to my attention that this is not actually a photograph of downtown Baghdad. Apparently, my Webmaster Thersites made a dreadful mistake, and inserted the wrong photograph.

One need only look at this picture of the man - drawn from the life by his precocious child Sean Patrick - to see that he's simply not reliable. I hope that any reader of this blog who has been inconvenienced by his carelessness and impetuosity will accept my sincere apologies. And I'm sure that if he were not in his accustomed condition of insensate drunkenness at this very moment, he'd join me in begging your forgiveness.


ntodd said...

Must be all the WP and DU, which I'll note you have never blogged about and thus must be condemned.

Phila said...


I left that to the Jane Hamshers of the Left.

Thers said...

I use my inerociter to make hot chocolate. Bye! Gotta meet Brak out by the beer tent.